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2017 Studio Tour
Saturday June 3rd &
Sunday, June 4th
11AM to 5PM

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Emily & Daniel Zacharias
Maplewood Recreation, Parks & Cultural Affairs

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St. John, 2014, Collage on Paper, 11 x 15 inches

Joseph Walentiny

Past Tour Exhibitor

This body of work, called ‘Lifecycles’, began with a simple idea. My initial concept was to start with a constant – a set of forms were to be precisely reproduced on four sheets of paper of the same size. The dimensions of the shapes and their placement would be maintained throughout the creation of each piece. So I drew a collection of organic linear shapes cut a stencil for them and reproduced the forms on the paper. I filled in the forms by collaging a random variety of brown-toned, textured papers while keeping within the borders the stencil created.

The first 4 pieces in the series channel nature in a suite called ‘The Vivaldi Quartet’. The next series also includes 4 collage pieces and is called ‘From the Cradle to the Grave’. This represents a meditation on the stages of life from birth to death. The final series, again with 4 pieces but which only incorporates gouache, is called ‘Portrait of A Memory’ and offers an event, it’s remembrance and eventual loss to memory.

Obliquely this entire body of work represents yet another life cycle in that a simple formal challenge evolved into conceptually-driven works of art.