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2018 Studio Tour
Saturday June 2nd &
Sunday, June 3rd
11AM to 5PM

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Ordinary Day in Red Landscape

Maggie Hinders

1978 Maplewood Arts Center
1978 Springfield Avenue
Maplewood, NJ 07040

My work is inspired by the need to communicate my feelings about the human condition—foibles, excitement and confusion—through fantasy images. In recent work I use images of imaginary characters in an abstracted environment. The paintings are intentionally playful and wry.

I imagine the feelings of the characters and their responses to their situations. I think of them as friends, companions in the process of making the artwork as I sketch, paint, and make choices and changes. The colors play a role in the story and subliminally point to each painting’s meaning. It is my hope that the intensity of this process finds its way into the finished piece and can be felt by the viewer. I want to challenge the viewer to see past the paintings’ surface playfulness and locate their truth.

I work in series of ten to fifteen paintings using a recognizably similar approach. Each group of artworks has an evolutionary arc which parallels an emotional/intellectual chapter in my life. As my life changes I find myself in new circumstances which leads to a shift in my thinking and I move on to another series.

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