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2018 Studio Tour
Saturday June 2nd &
Sunday, June 3rd
11AM to 5PM

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Spice Bowls

Landis Carey

Past Tour Exhibitor

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"I lose myself in the pottery studio, I always have. Hours pass without my knowing. It's the most peaceful place I spend time. Clay is forgiving in ways no other medium is, but its best response is to the delicate touch. I've been throwing and hand-building useful vessels since 2001. I've always had a fascination with functional forms, avoiding superfluous sculptural details as I conceive designs and contemplate function. How a bowl fits into your hand is considered just as much as how it stacks with other wares you're bound to store. The glazes I select are simple; they are there to enhance the form, not decorate it." ~ Landis Carey, ceramic artist

Landis Carey Heirloom Wares are meant to be the backdrop to your life. They are multifunctional, holding everything from your stock of handpicked peaches to those potatoes you so perfectly mashed. They are there at every family gathering, whether it be a Tuesday night dinner, a special Sunday supper, or a large holiday gathering. Families and friends share meals and Landis Carey Heirloom Wares are there to pass that fare around the table, giving each a chance to take part in that ritual. The traditions of Sunday supper are passed from generation to generation just as Landis Carey Heirloom Wares are meant to be put to use over the decades.

Handmade in New Jersey using a combination of hand-built and wheel-thrown techniques, Landis Carey Heirloom Wares are crafted from white stoneware and are available in white, natural, and French gray. All items are dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe and are finished with non-toxic, lead-free glazes.