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Past Endangered

Virginia Canino

42 Blanchard Road
South Orange, NJ 07079

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Virginia Canino
An Artist�s Statement

I am fascinated with fantasy painting and enjoy traveling in the company of mermaids and unicorns, but I equally enjoy time spent drawing the infinitely beautiful furred and feathered creatures that surround us daily.
I�m as interested in painting an adoptable cat, as a cardinal in my holly tree; a wolf on the endangered species list or a friend�s rescued dog.
I feel best if I can serve them in some way, if I can celebrate their freedom or make sympathetic their plight.
I work in oil, watercolor, colored pencil, graphite and print. Oil is my favorite medium, but for small quick studies, I enjoy colored pencil. I�m experimenting with small sculptures but I�m mostly known for my 2 dimensional works.
When I�m not making art, I�m rescuing cats! This passion has resulted in my Petfinder site, Morgan Le Fay Cat Rescue. One of my recent rescues, in our town, was my proudest accomplishment. It inspired a little watercolor of one of the Feline Leukemia cats that came out of that rescue. Timberland is the brave boy who has survived thus far, against all odds. He shares his room with another kitty from that rescue in South Orange, his name is Captain Jack Sparrow and although he has a little �patch� over his missing eye, he is living happy and loving and has brought great joy into my life.
It is my wish that we all extend a hand to help animals such as Timberland and Jack, who may be living a few feet away from us.
As Gretchen Wyler has said,
�We must not refuse to witness with our eyes, what they must endure with their bodies.�

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