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2017 Studio Tour
Saturday June 3rd &
Sunday, June 4th
11AM to 5PM

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Emily & Daniel Zacharias
Maplewood Recreation, Parks & Cultural Affairs

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Stripes8, alcohol ink and digital photo collage, 24x24x2"

Florence Weisz

Past Tour Exhibitor

View Florence Weisz's Gallery

If you missed my solo show at Geralyn's Gallery 103 in April, here's your chance to see "Sensuous Stripes."

My studio walls are hung floor to ceiling with artwork that is all about stripes and my work tables are piled high with the materials and visual sources I use to make my art.

Each composition includes details of people wearing striped clothing. I am interested in how the rigid patterns of parallel lines become undulating and sensual when draped on the human body.

In some collages I restrict my palette to powerful black and white images. In others works I add vibrant sections of my abstract alcohol-ink papers. My latest work includes 3-D collages that play with real and illusionistic space, some fish, a site-specific installation, and an interactive collage that you and your kids can play with.

PLEASE NOTE: Google Map has my studio in the right place BUT they left out the word "South" in the address. Visit me at:
34 SOUTH Harding Drive ---- also known as
34 Harding Drive SOUTH