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Filmed by Joy Yagid and curated by Sybil Archibald to reflect the diversity of the SOMA artistic community.





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SOMA Studio Tour Artists' Videos

A stone’s throw from Manhattan, SOMA is home to some of the area’s most innovative and engaging artists. In these intimate and quirky interviews, you will discover why we are a thriving center for the arts.

Sybil Archibald  |  View Profile
"My sculptures, focusing on the relationship between physical suffering and creativity, explore and how creative energy flows into the world. The subjects are real people whose lives profoundly influence me. People like Hildegard of Bingen, a charismatic 12th century abbess whose pain shifted as she found her voice, and Beethoven, a composer who confronted hearing loss, are mapmakers and inspiration for creativity in the face of great physical difficulty."

Cathleen McCoy Bristol  |  View Profile
"Believing people are as individual as snowflakes, I have always been fascinated by variations in the human race and enjoyed the cultural differences. This has led me to explore diverse expressions of tradition and the beauty people hold. My endeavor is to portray the beauty of all peoples."

Russell Christian  |  View Profile
"Random mark making, surprises and accidents play a huge part in the work I do. Instead of planning and executing an art work I prefer to dive into a problem—a new material, a blank canvas, an old artwork revisited—and see where it takes me. I like to leave things open ended and open to interpretation so finishing a piece is a tricky business."

Ann Vollum  |  View Profile
"British by birth, I was born in Africa and grew up overseas. The Beasties have become my identity, they help keep me anchored and are influenced by the traditional art forms of Africa, Pakistan and India. My drawings evolve organically, they are never pre-planned, I draw directly in ink starting with an outline and then filling it in with patterns. I am interested in the way pattern transforms an ordinary shape into something extraordinary."

Gerard Amsellem
View Profile
"It's really creating a different level, you know, we have our individual work which is very different and when we put all this together it becomes a third artist. So really our collaboration is a very different kind of work."

Karen Bokert
View Profile
"My recent work reflects my roots in abstraction with a suggestion of surrealism. In this increasingly mechanized society there is a need for intense, immediate, subtle, vivid, warm and rhythmic experience. Realizing that the artist is on a road with no final destination, my work continues to evolve."

Susan Cohen Harris  |  View Profile
"A new series of narrative and representational paintings touch on lingering topics. Combining acrylic paintings sometimes with three dimensional objects compulsively collected over decades within the context of suburban landscapes. Controlling nature in an unnatural environment continues to intrigue and inspire me as well as all the students I teach at Art Studio continue to inform my art."

Mikel Frank  |  View Profile
"Two artists get tother and create a third artist by behaving in their way and not being able to do the thing we do without each other."

Micha Hamilton
View Profile
"The more commercial and straight forward photography that I do, I try to find ways that take it out of that realm of realism and push it into more fine art and experimental levels and try to find the different levels of beauty within a given image."

Rick Hauser
View Profile
"As my photographic heart will always yearn to be in the darkroom, I am amazed and in awe of what the iPhone is capable. In the recent months since my introduction to the world of iPhoneography I have been able to capture light with more ease than ever, and having more fun than I could have imagined the digital world to offer."

B. John Kaufman  |  View Profile
"In this interview, B. John Kaufman talks about how his experience in the Vietnam war influences his today and his attempts to merge painting and sculpture."

Sarah Petruziello  |  View Profile
"I create large-scale self-portrait drawings using pencil on paper. These drawings are meticulously-rendered, elaborately staged and illustrative works that use dramatic and expressive poses as well as visceral symbolism as a conduit for both personal and universal narratives. "

Erin Rogers Pickering  |  View Profile
"Erin Rodgers Pickering will be showing a series of limited palette paintings based on the Mississippi delta blues jazzmen. �I am an illustrator and watercolorist, fascinated by its vibrancy, fluidity, and the challenge of a medium that can�t be entirely controlled. It is exciting � and can be nerve wracking� especially as I near the completion of a painting. "

Elizabeth Carol Winchester  |  View Profile
"My design process is a bridge between the ideals of expression and understanding and the most basic sense of communication. I work from within on a spiritual, emotional and instinctive place. You know, from my heart where the work must feel right, not necessarily think right."

Joy Yagid  |  View Profile
"I love taking photographs. I love trying to capture a common object/scene/whatever - in a different way. It's that simple. I like light. Light likes me. Light & me are on a perputual spree. My love is to shoot nature in a non-obvious way. I love finding the abstract. I love color and patterns and the play of light."

Tricia Zimic  |  View Profile
"My artwork is a response to human impact on the environment and its relationship to indigenous wild animals. I use clay; fiberglass, found objects and oil paint to show the effects man -made habitats have on endangered species. These collaborations are sometimes 'happy accidents' and other times frictional or disquieting. "